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Active in the Community… and the World

At the Aurora Advent Christian Church, we believe in the power of little things. Little efforts, little contributions, little ideas. One person, reaching out with love and compassion, can make all the difference in someone's life. We work continuously, around the world and right in our neighborhood – little by little, day by day – giving our time and treasure to those in need. Because we know that God will take all those little things and turn them into something big.

How you can help

If you'd like to support the work we're doing, you may donate now at our

Faithlife Giving Page​*

Any amount will be treasured and put to good use. Unmarked gifts are credited to our General Fund for budgeted expenses. We have regular collections during Lent, for our Benevolent Fund each Communion Sunday, for the Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry on the third Sunday of each month, during the Christmas season, and for our Penny Crusade for Missions throughout the year. Of course, gifts to any Board approved fund are welcome at any time.

Thank you for your faithful giving!

A Giving Beyond-the-Tithe Disclaimer

Together we can do amazing things!

No one can do everything.


Often it is difficult to know how to respond as the needs in our community and around the world keep increasing, and the bills still have to be paid. Over the years we have experienced the incredible generosity of the people in our church who carry out the “usual” projects and then take on a few extras – with truly joy-filled results. And the opportunities continue to come along, asking for our money, talents and/or time.


So when another opportunity comes, please

  •  continue your bill-paying tithes or offerings,

  •  give each one your prayerful consideration,

  •  participate (or not) as God leads you,

  •  pray for those who pitch in when you can’t,

  •  give thanks and celebrate each victory,

always trusting that when we do our part, God will provide the resources to carry out the work He has for us to do.

*If you give regularly, you are assigned an envelope (account) number, used for recording your gifts and sending your report for tax purposes each year. Please mark it on your check or include it with your bank payment or online gift. If you don’t know your number or wish to begin regular giving and don’t have one, contact the church office. Giving records are always confidential.

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